Loving Deuane

Let me take a moment to express my thanks to all of our friends and family for coming out to Bullfrog Brewery for the debut of Deuane (the beer), and also to Terry for making it and Cori for being such an excellent waitress during all of our shenanigans! I’m sitting here right now enjoying another glass, along with the lunch special – Deuane (the sandwich) along with a glass of Deuane.

So, yes, we’re loving Deuane. And we’re loving Terry for brewing this magnificent beer. Described as a double nitro IPA, Deuane is currently being served in a 14-oz tulip-shaped goblet. The beer is golden copper with a thick, foamy white head that lasts throughout consumption. There is a slight malt aroma, but it is otherwise heavily scented with sweet citrus from the dry hopping.

Spoken like the true wife of Deuane, I’m finding it to be sweet to the tongue, and slightly bitter. There is a total of  54 pounds of hops associated with the ale – 34 pounds in the boil, which were primarily Horizon (also Centennial and Amarillo.) Then it’s dry-hopped with Chinook, Centennial and Amarillo in three different additions. Yup – this is a real hop bomb! Served on nitrogen, Deuane is extremely smooth with a medium body and pleasant balance. It’s so citrusy and smooth, which makes it extremely drinkable for the DIPA fan.

Deuane is currently available by request on CO2 for growler fills (oops – I spoke too soon…it just kicked!), so I tried a glass of that, too. I’m actually preferring the version served on CO2 simply because it’s even more biting with citrus (although I’m not sure I could drink as much this way!) but I’m not sure a more common palate would enjoy it nearly as much. [Note to my dearest friends, I am not in any way suggesting you are common!]

Paired with the Deuane sandwich (special for the weekend) – grilled multi-grain bread, extra sharp cheddar cheese, ham, and a fennel and cumin mustard – Deuane/Deuane is such a treat!


DLD Details

I can’t see a place to buy on the Three Floyds site, but the details of Dark Lord Day 2010 Golden Tickets (from the site…the times I’ve gotten it to come up) are below:
1.) Golden Tickets are only required for the purchase of Dark Lord bottles. All other aspects of DLD 2010 will work just as they have in the past – the event is free to attend and you’ll have access to great bands, great fun, other Three Floyds bottled beer, beer by the glass from Three Floyds as well as our guest breweries, and great food for purchase.

2.) Each ticket guarantees the holder the opportunity to buy a set allotment of bottles of Dark Lord. This exact number has not yet been locked down due to the fact that we won’t know our exact Dark Lord yields until closer to the day of the event – April 24th.

3.) Each ticket also comes with a tasting portion of Dark Lord.

4.) Proceeds of ticket sales will benefit the Anti-Cruelty Society of Chicago

5.) We reserve the right to reject the sale of tickets or the redemption of tickets for any reason – basically you should be be responsible, considerate, and fair with the handling of your tickets.

6.) Each ticket is $10 each and there is a limit of two tickets per person, and four tickets per household.

7.) Ticket sales will be manually and automatically filtered after the sale to identify individuals attempting to “game” the system. If we feel that someone has done so we will refund their money and they will not receive Golden Tickets.

We once again hope that this Golden Ticket System will help make Dark Lord Day 2010 the best DLD yet, and we look forward to seeing you on April 24th at Dark Lord Day 2010!

Tapping Deuane

[No, Vickie – not poking Deuane. Tapping Deuane.]

It’s possible that you read my post that Deuane (the beer) was brewing at the Bullfrog. If things went as planned, today brewer Terry Hawbaker transferred Deuane to the clarification tank, where it will stay for about a week before going on nitro. 

So it looks like Deuane (the beer) will go on “officially” Friday, March 19 at 6 PM at the Bullfrog Brewery in Williamsport, PA. Of course, we will all be there to support Terry on his latest creation, and the beer’s namesake on his… well… his bitter and pretentious presence.

This beer is a Double IPA, made with over 40 pounds of hops in a 10 barrel batch, and has brewed out to about 8.5 barrels after the dry hopping. It weighs in somewhere between 9.5% and 10% ABV and is reported to be “tasty”!

If you plan to come out on Friday, give me a shout here or on Facebook!  Get to town early, and visit Bavarian Barbarian to try the new 2×4 IPA (bring your own growler to take some home.) If you plan to stay in the area, the Harmonious Wail CD release party (The Vegan Zombies Lament) will start at 9 PM at the Bullfrog. Or if you’re in the mood for something different, I recommend the $5. martinis at Barrel 135 from 10 – midnight!