Much Joy over Terry’s Division with Farmer’s Cabinet

Very exciting news for residents of the Harrisburg, PA area is finally “out of the bag”! The already-fabulous Al’s of Hampden, home of Pizza Boy Brewing Company, has signed on our beloved Terry Hawbaker to begin brewing late this summer. I couldn’t be more thrilled about this one! Last February, when Terry left Bullfrog and Williamsport for Philadelphia and Farmer’s Cabinet, I lamented that his beers would be harder for us to get – such small batches being brewed so far away. Pizza Boy was just getting started, but too late to get Terry. I predicted the situation may not be as ideal as it originally seemed, and was over the moon with joy when I learned a few weeks ago that Terry will be leaving Philadelphia.

Pizza Boy had the consultation of Scott Morrison for a short time after opening, but owner/brewer Albert Kominski has been handling the reigns from the start (and doing very well, I must add!) However, he will surely feel the weight of so many working hours lifted by hiring a full-time brewer.

Clearly area residents and visitors from afar cannot resist the best pizza (and soups and sandwiches, and occasional specials like perogies!) paired with the best beer selection in the region. Al’s of Hampden is always packed, and due to township regulations recently had to eliminate outside seating and reduce indoor seating. This resulted in a building project announced in May 2012, with expanded everything, including a new 20-hectolitre BrauKon system (currently Al uses a 5-hectolitre BrauKon brewing system.)

With a full-time brewer in house, Al can concentrate on his new building and running the expanding business. Surely he must feel relief knowing the beer is being crafted with the most gifted of hands and the passionate heart and soul Terry brings to the industry. I have a feeling I may see my husband less than ever (Pizza Boy fan-boy that he is, and tight with Terry), but that’s okay with me as long as I get my fair share of the beer, too!


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