Flock’s Brewery, Williamsport PA (1850-1951)

An announcement came out today that the Access PA Digital Repository, which contains over 20 digitized collections from libraries throughout Pennsylvania, recently acquired some new collections.  As a responsible librarian, I decided to check it out. 

I’m a graduate of Lycoming College, so I naturally migrated to that collection, and was pleased that a quick search on Flock Brewery brought back several hits.  Specifically, the local authority for these records is “Science Building (1951-1996, Flock Brewery 1850-1951).” 

It occured to me that this might help explain my long-standing interest in microbreweries…  My first college level biology class was held in a brewery, and my father has a degree in Chemistry from the Flock Brewery Lycoming College.

Anyway, there are some photos specifically with this authority, and others in the collection that include the brewery (you can see the domed roof of the part that was demolished long before I got there!)


ACK! Where did the time go?

I got too caught up in the craft brew scene to post while we were traveling, and I got too caught up in life when we returned home.  Big event this weekend, and then I will get caught up…  Meanwhile, Tony posted the Podcast (and we LOVE the music selection!), so you can listen in on our Asheville adventures.