Song of the Day

My latest discovery, thanks to Charlie the Beer Guy, is the band Beatnik Turtle.  I enjoyed the song Beer, Beer, Beer – he used it in a podcast – and ended up listening to the band for hours from the website. 

I discovered lots of great songs like: IT Department, Bagel Bagel, How Did I Google This?, How ‘Bout Never, I Don’t Want to Work Today, Her Imaginary Closet…  I’ll be listening to all 365, I’m sure!


ACK! Where did the time go?

I got too caught up in the craft brew scene to post while we were traveling, and I got too caught up in life when we returned home.  Big event this weekend, and then I will get caught up…  Meanwhile, Tony posted the Podcast (and we LOVE the music selection!), so you can listen in on our Asheville adventures.