Selin’s Grove on Facebook

Selin's Grove Brewing Co.

Are you kidding me? No – Heather and Steve are too busy working to do Facebook, I am sure. But since I spend too much time at both of these places (Facebook and the pub), I wanted to create a Fan page for everyone who love Selin’s Grove Brewing Company. I couldn’t create a “fan page”, because I’m not an authorized agent for them, but I could create a Group.

If you are on Facebook, consider joining and contributing to the group page “Find me at Selin’s Grove Brewing Company“. If you go there, or you would like to go there, come be part of our group. Ask nicely, and I might make you an Officer. If you know about events, you can add them. And you can chat on the wall with other Selin’s Grove lovers.

And don’t miss Freaky Firkin Friday at Selin’s Grove. The 2008 Hop Nouveau will be released with a firkin tapping next Friday at 3:30pm, which also happens to be Halloween. This beer is made with the hops harvested on site at the Staff Hop Drop 2008. The specials are Anti-Vampire Soup, B.A.T. Sandwich and Blood Velvet Cake. If you love real ale, you need to take the afternoon off and be there.


Another Song of the Day

I’ve listened through June, and giggled at June 25th – Saint Gratus.  Of course, we always try to bring the beer and share it because it’s a good chance to educate people and expose them to new things.  But more importantly, with 16 cases in the cellar, we need to keep the inventory moving! 

Saint Gratus, please protect my beer…PA Legislators, please pass SB674 so I can have less beer / more space in my cellar (well, pass a budget first, but then let’s get this moving!)

Song of the Day

My latest discovery, thanks to Charlie the Beer Guy, is the band Beatnik Turtle.  I enjoyed the song Beer, Beer, Beer – he used it in a podcast – and ended up listening to the band for hours from the website. 

I discovered lots of great songs like: IT Department, Bagel Bagel, How Did I Google This?, How ‘Bout Never, I Don’t Want to Work Today, Her Imaginary Closet…  I’ll be listening to all 365, I’m sure!

Flock’s Brewery, Williamsport PA (1850-1951)

An announcement came out today that the Access PA Digital Repository, which contains over 20 digitized collections from libraries throughout Pennsylvania, recently acquired some new collections.  As a responsible librarian, I decided to check it out. 

I’m a graduate of Lycoming College, so I naturally migrated to that collection, and was pleased that a quick search on Flock Brewery brought back several hits.  Specifically, the local authority for these records is “Science Building (1951-1996, Flock Brewery 1850-1951).” 

It occured to me that this might help explain my long-standing interest in microbreweries…  My first college level biology class was held in a brewery, and my father has a degree in Chemistry from the Flock Brewery Lycoming College.

Anyway, there are some photos specifically with this authority, and others in the collection that include the brewery (you can see the domed roof of the part that was demolished long before I got there!)

Social Bookmarking for Beer!

I was trying to find directions to the Sharp Edge Creek House (whose website is no longer available?!?!?), when I came across Coastr.  As a fan and prophet of Web 2.0 technologies, I was thrilled to find this.  I doubt I’ll have lots of time to contribute, but I added some sites tonight, and I will add it to the presentation I’ve been doing for libraries / librarians!