Asheville – so much to do, so little time to blog

In case I really never do catch up with posting my travel notes for this trip, I at least feel obligated to my mother to post where I’ve been.  And now that I know Kramer (is that your name, or your hometown?) is reading daily, I feel even more obligated! I’ll list it all here with links to the places, and if I post later, I’ll link to my posts.  And then there are photos just waiting on my camera…ugh.

Thursday night in the Asheville area:

  • Pisgah for the weekly Thursday night growler fill and tasting (hey, mom and dad, we got your something special, and it’s called Valdez…nothing to do with the oil spill or the peninsula…you’re gonna’ love it!)
  • Bruisin’ Ales for the weekly Thursday evening tasting (this week with Sweetwater!)
  • Barley’s in Asheville for dinner on Thursday night

Friday, starting with a foggy drive to Greenville, SC and ending with a pubcrawl in Asheville (designated driver included):

  • Barley’s in Greenville for lunch, hoping to score a cask ale, but no such luck
  • Blue Ridge Brewing Company for a taste of their products
  • Thomas Creek Brewing Company for a tour and tasting with the owner
  • Green’s Discount Beverage Store – because you can’t get it all in North Carolina!
  • Back in Asheville at Bruisin’ Ales to do some big-time beer shopping (this is a daily trend)
  • Dinner at Ed Boudreaux’s Bayou Bar-B-Que (can you believe I skipped the beer? not D…)
  • Barley’s in Asheville for shared glasses of Valdez and Sexual Chocolate (this will become a daily trend for this particular trip!)
  • Green Man, hoping to score Imperial Stout on cask, but finding it to be Porter
  • Thirsty Monk for the “wow – what a great new beer place in town!” experience


  • A drive to Dillsboro Smokehouse for barbeque
  • Growler fill at Heinzelmännchen Brewery
  • Bruisin’ Ales to do some little-time beer shopping (did I mention this is a daily trend when we come to Asheville?)
  • Barley’s in Asheville for shared glasses of Valdez and Sexual Chocolate (I said daily!)

And now I better get myself downstairs, as all of the fun people in Asheville are coming to a party! (PS – even though my WordPress timeclock says it’s midnight, it’s not…it’s only 7 PM!)