A day without beer? (Edwin McCain & Sister Hazel Instead!)

We slept in until 8:30 AM (which never happens with D!), and didn’t check out until almost 11:00 AM.  Our night at Founder’s was a reminder that we aren’t as young as we use to be!

Before we could leave Grand Rapids, we went in search of Founder’s Breakfast Stout at several “Michigan Party Stores”.  We ended our search (without anything to show for our work – it just isn’t available!) at a very cool deli called Martha’s Vineyard on Union and Lyons.  This store is a destination!  Regardless of the merchandise, this place has such a sophisticated and tasteful appearance that I just wan’t to explore.  There was a terrific selection of wines and beers.  I swear they had every Rogue product, and multiple sizes and flavors of Lindeman’s products – that’s just the start.  They also specialize in deli products, pasteries and general produce and merchandise ranging from the expected to the ecclectic. Continue reading