Yes…I’ve Been Drinking!

Has it really been 9 months since I posted anything? Yeah – I’m sorry to say it is true. So what have I been up to, you ask?

Drinking! Of course! My personal highlights over the past 9 months are listed below, with not nearly enough time or energy to detail, but in the future perhaps I won’t fall so far behind.Shorts Fest - August 2011

We’ve taken multiple beer-cations, with the following standing out:

There have been a myriad of local changes and releases including:

We’ve also had some great tasting experiences with friends, including but not limited to:

  • a clean-out-the-cellar event in our own backyard (we didn’t make a dent)
  • a night of Bullfrog rarities from the cellars of Team D(r)INK members (YUM!)
  • the 15th Anniversary of Selin’s Grove Brewing Company, plus releases of their first Sour Red and Black IPA
  • Gueuze-a-Palooza – an amazing night of soursBullfrog - from our basements!
  • our second annual Imminent Liquidation event
  • the Hill Farmstead Mimosa release (and fabulous winter weekend in VT!)
  • a weekend in the Finger Lakes (I know you are thinking “wine country”, but guess what?!?)
  • and our first Weekend Starts on Thursday event at Backstage Brewing Co.Hill Farmstead in VtAt Russian River with Vinny and Natalie

Thanks to those who have been asking, “When are you going to post an update on your blog?” My typical response is that there are so many excellent beer bloggers out there, I’m not sure I make much of a contribution. It is your interest that brought me back, and hopefully I’ll keep it up!


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