Taproom – Spring House (Lancaster, PA)

We made it to the Taproom at Spring House for the grand opening – a little late, but it sounded like the actualSpring House Tap Room - King St opening was delayed by a bit anyway.  And we were glad so many friends, and future friends, were able to be there too – that place was PACKED!

Today isn’t a good day to put in a whole story of our adventure, but I wanted to share a few photos, and simply state that everything was going smoothly!  There were 5 taps on last night – they seemed to change as the night went on. We had the G2 (a sorachi ace hopped version of Seven Gates Pale Ale) and Kerplunk! (a chocolate imperial stout), Spring House - approach from Central Marketwhile our friend who showed up much later was able to have Robot Bastard (Belgian IPA) on nitro.

The staff were handling things really well, especially considering that it was opening night and there was barely space to stand after 5:30 PM. We foundSpring House - Taps seats at the bar, where we could observe all the fun!

They are doing pints and half-pints, as well as growler fills, and I have yet to try the food.

My only disappointment…no purse hooks (bar fail!) Maybe they come later?Zoltar at Spring House

Great job, Matt!


7 responses

  1. Went to the Springhouse Taproom this evening for the first time. Beers were great and atomsphere fatastic. Food was very substandard and I would never go back to eat. I would only consider going there for a drink. There were no bar snacks offered.

  2. Would concur with E Ruth Miller. Fantastic beers-good not great ambience-, and very substandard food. Acoustics in the pace make it very, very loud even on quieter days-recommend wall hangings, ceiling acoustic panels, etc…
    About the food-I found it overpriced, bland, and substandard in many ways. I had the meatball sub, and it tasted like it came out of a can. The sandwich was lukewarm, and it was $11.00! Go to Subway if you want food. Go for the beer-it is a real treat!

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  4. Was at the taproom saturday nigt found it to be unprofessional the cook was at the bar drinking and being permiscuous with the customers, I find it to be unappropriate for kitchen help to be at the bar in kitchen attire. As well as mangagment drinking while trying to promote an image for a new establishment. Beer is great …come on guys get the professionalism in there.

    • Sorry to hear you had a bad experience, but good to hear you are enjoying the beers! We’ve always found the staff at Taproom to be very professional. I’m sure the owners will appreciate the feedback if they see this post.

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