River House Brew Pub (Milton, PA)

What a lovely day for a drive by the river and to do a little fact-gathering on some rumors I’ve been hearing about a Lewisburg brew pub! 

River House Brew Pub in the Lewisburg Diner

River House Brew Pub

And it’s true… Or as true as it can be told at this time. The location is technically Milton (by mailing address), geographically located in what might be called East Lewisburg but is really West Chillisquaque Township in Northumberland County. The building is the former Italian Terrace property (which explains some of the strange architecture for a brewpub!) and currently houses The Lewisburg Diner. 

River House Brew Pub welcome signThe pub – The River House Brew Pub – will be run in conjunction with the diner as two eateries under one roof. This appears to be the new brewing location for former Abbey Wright brewer Bart Rieppel (this is an unconfirmed rumor, but from an extremely reliable source!) 

The Pub is a separate business from the Diner…

We went into the Diner, which was open today, and even walked back the hallway to the pub area – it’sRiver House and Lewisburg Diner completely signed (paper signs). There were tables and chairs, but the room was dark and there was no appearance of being open or even having taps available.  I’ve been told that River House does not have a licence to brew yet, but should have it soon, and in the meantime will be serving a selection of microbrews.

I don’t claim to know the county history well, so I’d be interested in anyone who might know of another brewery – successful or unsuccessful – in Northumberland County over the last 30 years. Assuming River House comes to fruition, this may be a first since the closing of Fuhrmann and Schmidt Brewing Co. (Shamokin, PA) in 1975. 

I’m looking forward to seeing what Bart’s got in him outside of the strains of his former location, and I’ll try to keep my ears open for future developments on River House Brew Pub! Another possible stop in the Golden Triangle of Beer?


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  1. It gets even better!!!! Turns out Bart is co-owner of this one so he has full reign to his creative side. When we asked where he’s been he joking answered that he took his signature “Alpha Duece” underground. Just glad he has resurfaced. He and business partner Larry Mancino are putting a new spin on the typical “pub” menu with some amazing food. Keep your fingers crossed for these guys!!!

  2. Just ate at the River House last night, fantastic Italian food with three solid offerings from Bart. The Alpha Deuce IPA (dangerously drinkable @ 7.5% ABV) an American wheat and a porter. Got to check out Bart’s set up and he’s got some nice batches a-bubblin. There is a Holiday ale that should be tapped soon, think its called “Reindeer Fuel” to keep Santa Flyin’ high! Here’s to Larry and Bart, if you’re in Lewisburg you GOTTA stop in.

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  4. Not sure what’s on tap now and to be honest it doesn’t even matter. We have followed Bart and his Deuce for years and will go where it goes. Heard a ton of rumors and crap talk (CHEERS to Bart for not stooping to that level!),we know Bart will rise again. I know many who can’t wait to see where he pops up next.

  5. Recently visited berwick brewing [amazing beers!] and saw the owner? of the river house. Not sure what happened over there but after hearing him spout negative claims about the former brewer/business partner [can you say deflimation of character?] I now know I do not need to visit. cannot believe how unprofessional the guy was WOW!!

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