Brewing In The Susquehanna Valley

Matt Barcaro of WGAL News 8 kicked off a series on the local television news tonight starring (yeah!!!) microbreweries of the Susquehanna Valley!

As a girl who just drove from Tröegs for Mad Elf to Iron Hill for Shokolad to Selin’s Grove for Framboise in a 24-hour period (and that was a slow weekend), this is no secret to me, but I’m glad to see the scene getting some light shed on it by the media.

It’s a three-part series that started tonight, and luckily, it appears you can catch it online if you can’t watch it live at 11 PM. Tonight’s segment featured Roy Pitz Brewing and Spring House Brewing.

Along with the video, there is a slideshow with beer facts and information (interesting stuff in the captions, but hard to scroll through) and a Beer Quiz with questions that span a wide range of beer experiences and include some slightly snarky commentary. My favorite question: “What ‘type’ of beer is Bud? Ale / Porter / Lager / Watery”.

Thanks, WGAL, for doing this!


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