Russian River Brunch

Teresa’s Next Door in Wayne, PA did a really wonderful job of  hosting a Russian River Brunch today! There was a large crowd at the door for opening, and the welcoming host made an announcement assuring everyone that they would be let in and would get a table. People were quickly seated and served so efficiently. The staff did an amazing job handling this well-attended event.

We were extremely pleased with the 3-oz pours of Temptation (Batches 1, 2 and 3; 7.25 % ABV) – a blonde ale aged in French oak Chardonnay barrels with Brettanomyces – and found that batch 2 was most favorable at our table.

Next, we shared Vinnie’s Flight, which included taster pours of Blind Pig, Pliny the Elder, Damnation, and Salvation. At this point, the staff brought out a round of pastries, and started taking food orders.

With our lovely cheese plates, we had glasses of Pliny the Younger (10.5% ABV, a triple IPA that is hopped three times more than Pliny the Elder, then dry hopped four different times)and Consecration (10.5% ABV; a strong dark ale aged with currants for six months inside Cabernet Sauvignon barrels.) Also, the Holland’s ordered and shared a bottle of Supplication (Batch 3; 7.0% ABV; brown ale aged in French oak Pinot Noir barrels with sour cherries andthree strains of yeast.) PtY is always my favorite, and I milked it throughout the morning, but the sixtels of Younger and Consecration didn’t last very long!

Collaboration not Litigation was also flowing from the taps at Teresa’s. This blended Belgian-style strong ale weighs in at 8.72% ABV, and is a joint effort of Avery Brewing and Russian River Brewing. I won’t repeat the story behind it, but it’s easily found other places.

After that, I honestly have to say that I lost track of where my tastes were coming from… I mean, two friends and my husband were bringing me taster glasses, but I’m not sure which were from private collections and which were available for all, But a fine man named Kevin shared so many things that I’ll give him the credit. The beers were Depuration (Batch 1; 7% ABV; blond ale aged 15 months in oak barrels, with Chardonnay grapes and four strains of yeast added), Perdition (Batch 2; 6.1% ABV; Belgian-style pale ale with aromas of spicy hop, cinnamon, and pear), Beatification (which the website describes as a 100% spontaneously fermented beer using the oldest barrels that no longer have any wine flavor or oak flavor left in them), and Sanctification (Batch 3; 6.25% ABV; blonde ale fermented with 100% Brettanomyces.)

Again, I must compliment the staff of Teresa’s on such a well run tasting event. It wasn’t a cheap morning, but it was a fun time with friends we’ve known, and new friends made. Looking forward to another one soon!


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  1. It’s a shame that the Sanctification got buried so far down there. That 100% brett fermented beer is one of a kind. That’d actually be like the best “brunch” beer on that menu, although none of them are really slouches (cept for collaboration not litigation IMO). Great report!

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