Philly Beer Week – Night 2

It was a short night around the world, but especially for those of us beer traveling in Philadelphia.

Memphis Tap Room is a fabulous example of a the Philly corner beer bar, and the owners make sure that the beer list is always outstanding. There are at least eleven taps, each with a superb draft available, and this week –  to make it more special – they are doing a “No Repeat Beer Week”. When one kegs kicks, they replace it with something new, with the attempt to go through about 100 different beer. They are featuring Belgians, lagers, black beers (including porters and stouts), American IPAs, hop monsters, session beers, cask ale and beers “in a league of their own”!

On Saturday afternoon we had such a great time there, that we’ve returned on Sunday (it also has free wi-fi, so a great place to blog!) On Saturday, a tap kicked while we were there, and at our request, Brendan replaced it with Ballast Point Dorado (a double IPA at 9.6% ABV) – one of our favorites in this category. D and I also enjoyed the beef pasties (which were more like pulled beef empanadas) and fried okra. We’ve returned today for our friends to get Dorado, and right now I’m taking in an Avery Ale to the Chief (Imperial IPA; 8.75% ABV).

From Memphis Tap Room, we crossed town to 44th and Spruce to meet up with friends at Local 44. To be expected because of the shared ownership with Memphis Tap Room, this is also a great corner pub with an outstanding tap list.

I was ready for a coffee, but not long after, ordered a Bear Republic Racer 5 on cask along with the shared order of plantain-encrusted fish tacos (I can’t get enough of these!) Local 44 was packed with people, so we were lucky to have a table. And Leigh, being her usual personable self, took time out to chat with us and give us advice on a few things to do while we’re in town, as well as put in a plug for her event next Sunday, which I’m not sure I can miss. From the website:

One BIG Afternoon of Russian River Beers on Tap

Be here at 11:30am on Sunday, March 15 for the tapping of more Russian River beer that we’ve ever seen in one place, outside of Santa Rosa.

We’ll be pouring both Plinys, Blind Pig, Consecration, Damnation and Salvation. All at once. We’ve got a limited amount of each, when they’re gone, they’re gone!

It was a great time, but we needed to move on, so we headed over to Dock Street Brewing in West Philly for a few beers and cannoli. It was a great night to sit outside and enjoy the warmer weather before heading to the ‘burbs (Paoli) to find Scott and Vickie at TJ’s Drinkery and head back to their house for a great (late) night of bottle tasting. This long night would have been fine, were it not for a combination of Daylight Savings Time and early-bird D going out to the grocery store, only to lock himself out! He woke us all up trying to get back in, and attempted to make up for it by cooking a super breakfast.

Obviously we’re having a great time taking in the Philly Beer Week experience. Still hoping I can keep up with recording all of the fun!


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