Philly Beer Week – Day 2

It’s Day 2 of Philly Beer Week, and I can honestly say I am BLOWN AWAY by the hospitality of this city.

D and I woke up from our cushy accommodations at the Crowne Plaza (we were fortunate to get this, as we were scheduled to stay on an air bed on the floor of an apartment that no longer became available…), and we headed out to meet Ffej and Brandi at Johnny Brenda’sin Fishtown. There was a stout brunch being held (advertised as 10 stouts, but with the cask, it was really 11!)  We had a terrific meal – my oyster stew and grilled asparagus were outstanding! – and a series of fabulous stouts.

I started with Dock Street Satellite Stout (which was a great substitute for my morning cup of coffee!) and a Philadephia Brewing Company Shackamaximum Stout (which was a beautiful stout that tasted like it was infused with Nestle Quick!) I also tasted from D’s O’Reiley’s Irish Stout and Yard’s Love Stout. We really enjoyed ourselves there – the windows were open to let the fresh warm “spring” air in, and the food was really enjoyable along with the excellent collection of stouts.

Next we headed to Mephis Tap Room(which is where I’m blogging from, but might not complete my notes…), and passed by a vacant lot on Frankford Street. I just happened to look over and see Philadelphia Brewing Company stenciled on a brick industrial building that looked just about ready to topple over.

We decided to go around the block – just to check it out – and found that the “toppled over” area was a very nice courtyard, and the brewing company was just beginning a three-hour first anniversary celebration! We walked right in before the crowd really gathered, and found that a person could enjoy all of the free beer and food they cared for!

The courtyard, downstairs bottling line, upstairs brewing area and taproom were all outlets for beer (although there was a special line for the one-ticket-per-person Shackamaximum Stout). Around the bottling area was a full buffet of pizza, soft pretzels, chili, rice, cheese, pepperoni and ring bologna. And out in the courtyard, the Choptank Osyter Companywas shucking the biggest, sweetest farm-raised Chesapeake oysters I’ve ever had (YUMMMM!) There was a really fun band in the taproom, too. What a TREAT to stumble upon! We are really thankful to the Philadelphia Brewing Company for throwing such a great party – it just might be the treat of the week.

So now we’re sitting in the Memphis Tap Room – one of the best beer bars in the city and sister to our other favorite place, Local 44. We came in “just because”, but are so pleased that we stayed. It is No Repeat Beer Week, and Brendan did us a real favor by putting on Ballast Point Dorado.

Unfortunately, I’m going to have to stop here because…well, I’ve been enjoying the beers AND our food just came… More soon???


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