Robert Burns Dinner at Sly Fox

On Friday, January 23, D and I were pleased to participate in our first Robbie Burns Birthday Bash. From the Sly Fox website:

Sly Fox’s seventh annual celebration of the birthday of Scotland’s greatest poet, Robert Burns, has its roots in the Burns Suppers which are held in his native country around the same time. These began in the late 18th century to mark the anniversary of his death but were eventually changed to January 25, the date of his birth. The Sly Fox party is held each January on the Friday nearest that date.

The Burns Birthday Bash attracts many fans of Burns’ poetry and Americans of Scottish descent from all around the region as well as beer fans who’ve waited anxiously for the release of our Gang Aft Agley Scotch Ale on that night.

We were so glad David and Sarah were able to score a table, as the beer and Burn’s fans, many of them garbed in kilts, crowded into Sly Fox Brewhouse & Eatery in Phoenixville to hear the band and partake of the haggis. Poetry readings and piping pulled the whole night together.

There was a long line-up of beer, but most notable were the 2009 Gang Aft Agley and Burns Scottish Ale on the handpumps and on draft. Also, a keg of 2007 Gang Aft Agley was on draft. The Piping of the Haggis was quite a sight to see, and I even broke my personal rules and tasted it (just between me and the entire blogosphere, I kinda’ liked it! – sort of a pate quality to this haggis!)

My favorite part of the night was when the band played Whiskey in the Jar (a favorite of mine from Off Kilter – an Epcot house band) and Charley on the MTA (a favorite of mine from camp!)

I’ll post photos later if I get a chance, but right now I need to get to bed…


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