No Beer in Disney?

I knew there isn’t any beer in the Magic Kingdom, but I was doing a little search on beer at Walt Disney World in preparation for my upcoming trip. I’ve been to the Big River Grille & Brewing Works at the BoardWalk more than once. And from both experience and the BeerTravelers website, I knew that in Epcot several beers are available:

  • Dos Equis Lager in “Mexico,”
  • Ringnes Lager in “Norway,”
  • Becks in “Germany,”
  • Tsingtao in “China,”
  • Kirin in “Japan” and
  • Moosehead, Labatt’s and several Molson ales in “Canada,”

but wondered if anything new cropped up in the past 13 months.

Then I read this disconcerting blog post from May of 2008. (Spoiler alert – click to read the post before you read on here, or you won’t get the same effect.)

Cinderella's Castle at Christmas      Epcot

Yeah – it’s a joke. A very funny joke, indeed! And because my last visit was December 2007, I almost fell for it, except that my sister mentioned certified organic ales from Orlando Brewing are on the menu at The Wave. It turns out I will get a chance to try one or more of these three:

Also on the menu is gluten-free Redbridge lager, produced by A-B; I won’t be having that.

The thing about Disney is that there is SO MUCH to see and do, it’s hard to find time to sit and enjoy a glass of beer. But if I do, you’ll probably read about it on here.


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