Still Not an Upstate PA Beer Tour

We woke up to a world blanketed in snow – D went to Wegman’s and took coffee to Scott and Vickie (“wake up call!”) then back to our room, and we were out with enough time to eat at the Five & Dime Diner (loved my vegetarian omelet, and the bread for the toast was outstanding!) before heading west to Otto’s Pub & Brewery in State College.

Five & Dime Diner

Our local friends, Heather and Jake, came out to meet us at Otto’s and it was a nice visit. Vickie got a sample tray which included five beers, two of which she chose to be the cask ales. Scott and I had a Slab Cabin IPA and D had the Jolly Rodger. We certainly didn’t get to spend enough time there to thoroughly enjoy it, but we wanted to get to Zeno’s for the Black Lager – a rye beer brewed for Zeno’s by Otto’s. It was a great opportunity for me to sit at a quiet table and write “part 1”, while the rest of the crew socialized at the bar. D did make a run to Chumley’s for bottles of Shiner Holiday Cheer, and then we were off.

By late afternoon, we made it to Elk Creek Cafe + Aleworks. We were greeted immediately by staff who were expecting us, letting us know that the Anniversary Ale was still on, and that Tim (the owner) sent his regards but couldn’t be there to meet up with us. Our waitress, Marcy, was extremely attentive and personable – she made it a terrific visit. I drank the Duckwalk Dunkelbock which was really tasty with my meal, and around the table, we were able to enjoy a some of the others:

  • Double Rainbow IPA
  • Poe Paddy Porter
  • Brookie Brown Ale
  • Old Millheim Strong Ale on cask (aged for a year)

We basically closed the place, which we are thrilled to report is now open until 5:00 PM on Sundays.

It was a great visit, but eventually we had to get moving. One more stop before home, because Selin’s Grove was not only on the way, but also Vickie’s favorite! So here we sit…enjoying the last moments of our tour before they need to go home.

It’s been a great time, and we hope they will come back to do at least part of this with us again sometime.  It’s a sure thing that we’ll be back to make the rounds again!

2 responses

  1. What a great weekend! Scott and I had a fabulous time. One thing you didn’t mention was the unfortunate fall “D” made on the way to the car from Zeno’s. (No, he wasn’t drunk; the sidewalk was icy!) Scott and I were very impressed that he saved the six of Shiner Holiday Cheer as he fell! Hopefully his wrist is feeling better. Thanks so much for showing us a great time in upstate PA! 😉

    • I left so much out trying to get a post up…didn’t explain what Duckwalk Dunklebock was, and didn’t even mention Unfiltered Vickie! Hope you made it home okay – I cried in empathy when the alarm clock went off this morning.

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