Old Forge Brewing is Open!

I think several of us were disappointed that we didn’t know about the soft opening of Old Forge Brewing Company on Mill Street in Danville, PA.  Apparently they opened quietly over the weekend, serving up three beers (below) with plans for at least four year-round and six seasonal/rotating beers:

  • Old Forge Inaugural Ale (their first batch of beer; a brown ale)
  • Endless Summer Ale (a pale golden)
  • T-Rail Pale Ale (American pale ale)

Old Forge will be open at 11 AM each day – Wednesday through Saturday – serving meals at lunch and dinner. It includes a kids menu (which is also made available to adults!) and house-made sodas. The menu consists of appetizers, soups, salads, sandwiches (hot and cold) and burgers.

There is a mug club, which includes a customized, personalized, hand-made 20 oz. mug (and I assume from the links that they paired up with a local artisan for this feature…) among the many benefits.

The website doesn’t appear to have information on beer prices, serving sizes or the possibility of growler fills at this time.

I wish Damien Malfara luck in this adventure, and look forward to making the trip soon!


2 responses

    • David,

      Thanks for the beer update! I’ve been preoccupied with a thousand other things with no time to update the blog, but we did get to Old Forge around the same date that you commented. The place is GREAT! It was during the first week of business, and they really had it together as far as the service.

      We tried all four available beers, and hoped for more to be on by Christmas. Stopped in again this past weekend (Friday, Dec. 27) and there were no new beers, but we experienced Old Forge from the second floor instead of the downstairs bar this time. Great food, decent beer and doing a great job at juggling the crowd. I think they are going to do well in Danville!

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