Pennsylvania Brewery Roadtrips – Intro

This is the beginning post to a short series I’m planning to compile especially for my sister. She and her friend Wendy would like to go on a beer tour of Pennsylvania. They’ve got the designated driver all lined up, and now they just need a route. That’s where the blog and I come in.

The next couple of postings, assuming I keep up, are my versions of a couple of different beer-themed road trips, all originating from the Harrisburg area, which can be completed without an overnight stay.

Right now it is in my plan to rule out all beer bars, simply because there are so many terrific ones that it will be hard to recommend just one, and she seemed more interested in brewpubs. I’ll try to say a few interesting things about each place, but if readers have anything to add, your comments are very welcome.

These are my personal recommendations to my sister, but I highly recommend anyone even thinking about taking a road trip like this purchase my friend Lew Bryson’s book, Pennsylvania Breweries, and making sure to check his updates page. (If you don’t want to buy it, perhaps you can check it out at your local public library.) Another great resource, which many of you know, is Beer Advocate – even if you aren’t into beer trading and rating, it’s a great site to find out about places and offerings in real time.

I hope this becomes a helpful resource!

  • Trip One – Heading East from Harrisburg to Phoenixville and Back

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