Selin’s Grove on Facebook

Selin's Grove Brewing Co.

Are you kidding me? No – Heather and Steve are too busy working to do Facebook, I am sure. But since I spend too much time at both of these places (Facebook and the pub), I wanted to create a Fan page for everyone who love Selin’s Grove Brewing Company. I couldn’t create a “fan page”, because I’m not an authorized agent for them, but I could create a Group.

If you are on Facebook, consider joining and contributing to the group page “Find me at Selin’s Grove Brewing Company“. If you go there, or you would like to go there, come be part of our group. Ask nicely, and I might make you an Officer. If you know about events, you can add them. And you can chat on the wall with other Selin’s Grove lovers.

And don’t miss Freaky Firkin Friday at Selin’s Grove. The 2008 Hop Nouveau will be released with a firkin tapping next Friday at 3:30pm, which also happens to be Halloween. This beer is made with the hops harvested on site at the Staff Hop Drop 2008. The specials are Anti-Vampire Soup, B.A.T. Sandwich and Blood Velvet Cake. If you love real ale, you need to take the afternoon off and be there.


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