Filling in the Holes: New PA Brewpubs

Right now the websites are a little lame, but hopefully the beers won’t be if you make the trip to Titusville or Danville for two new microbreweries (don’t go to Danville just yet – they aren’t ready for you!)

Blue Canoe Brewery opened in late August, filling the space of Four Sons, and apparently features Matt Allyn’s beers. I understand that he is the brewery manager, which confirms what I seem to remember Matt telling us back in April at Zeno’s Cask Ale event, although after a night like that, I don’t trust my memory. I can not confirm whether or not we’ll see the beers from Matt’s Voodoo Brewing Co. at Blue Canoe, but it sounds like many of the old Four Sons recipes are reappearing! I can’t wait to get back that way again to check it out.

A lot closer to home (for me), it sounds like the space on Mill Street in Danville where La Playa Cancun Mexican used to be will soon be opening doors as Old Forge Brewing Company. My hometown paper reported yesterday that the tanks have been moved in, and they are looking at a December opening. Maria and Damien Malfara are responsible for this venture, and the most detailed information can currently be found scattered throughout the Beer Buzz blog. I’ll certainly be keeping my eyes open for this one!


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  1. Glad to see Old Forge will be opening soon! Danville is a nice town to host a brewpub… and now there will be a place relatively close to One Guy in Berwick. I forsee more roadtrips in the not-too-distant future!

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