Beer Goggles for your Gmail

My passions for beer and technology collide!

Jon Perlow at Google is looking out for those of us who enjoy alcoholic beverages – especially the ones who imbibe to the extreme and then get grand ideas of contacting people by email – with the introduction of Mail Goggles.  To help prevent the sending of emails that look so good after a few drinks, but make everything so bad the next morning, Google Labs is testing this option, designed to stupefy the intoxicated emailer using basic math problems.

Gmail Goggles

Gmail Goggles

I haven’t tried this service out yet.  My alcohol intake has been limited, and it’s only available by default late night on the weekends (Jon says, “the time you’re most likely to need it” – obviously he doesn’t know my friends!), so I can’t speak from personal experience. But it appears that Gmail users can adjust when it’s active by day of the week and time frame, and also request more difficult questions.

Seems like a nice control for those who can not control themselves.


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