My Presidential Selection

Vote for Real Change!

Vote for Real Change!

I wanted to catch Sarah Palin’s speech tonight because, like the rest of America, I know little about her and what she believes in. In order to prepare for the evening, D got us a growler of Pliny the Elder.

Well, Palin (McCain, Obama, Biden, Barr, Baldwin, McKinney and Nader), I think I’ve found myself a party I can really stand behind – one with a strong candidate that holds true to my values and speaks volumes to me….The Keg Party.

Here is just a clip from the August 12 press release:

The Keg Party has officially announced their candidate for the 2008 Presidential Election is none other than Pliny the Elder!

Naturally, Pliny has chosen Blind Pig as his running mate. Together, they are campaigning on the Brewer’s Platform and plan great changes in our beautiful country if elected on November 4th!

America needs a good strong leader to “Bring Our Troops Foam, provide Hopcare For Everyone, and do away with IRS and provide more IPA!”

Having just enjoyed a few pints of Pliny myself (at 8% ABV and 100 IBUs), I’m absolutely behind this candidate 100%. I’m a bigger fan of his nephew, Pliny the Younger, but I have a feeling the 11% ABV and “gobs”of IBUs is too radical for most.

It’s going to be a very interesting election year!


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  1. My apologies to anyone who clicked on the “Obama” link and got porn! The Pliny made my fingers malfunction and I left a letter out of the URL. It is fixed now…if you’re reading this, sorry, Barack!

  2. Well, I had the pleasure of enjoying a Pliny with D at Capones today and took a growler home as well. My vote goes to the Elder of course. BTW – where’d you snag that picture? Can I use it as my avatar?:)

  3. D picked up the one we drank Wednesday at TJs. I wish he would have picked up another at Capone’s. I don’t think he fully supports this party…he’s still grumpy that Bud Light Lime wasn’t chosen as the running mate. But you know Pliny – he understands the risk of crossing party lines!

  4. Hi there, this came up when I was searching the web for where I can get Pliny the Elder in bottles. I see you were able to score a growler of it. May I ask where?

    My dad is itching to try it and we keep missing it. I would LOVE to fill up a growler for him for Christmas.

    If you could let me know, that would be great! My email is

    Thanks again!

    • Jill, it all depends on where you live, and when they have it available. In Pennsylvania, Pliny the Elder is currently not available in bottles, and periodically shows up on tap for growler fills in the southeastern part of the state. Ours were from Capone’s in Norristown and TJs in Paoli. We’ve also obtained it near Reading.

      As far as I know, Russian River beers are only available in California, Colorado, Oregon, Pennsylvania and Washington. You can contact the distributors through their website.

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