A Basement Full of Beer: One Good Thing

My sister called me to report that she was spending her Labor Day cleaning the “back porch-ish part of the house,” and that things weren’t going so well. I was attempting to empathize, because, REALLY, I can relate to the marital strife that comes with attempts to rid our lives of clutter.

But the poignant thing that she said to me was, “but I know that there aren’t thousands of beers behind MY piles!” At first, I thought that was a vote of solidarity on my Take Back the Basement in 2008 campaign (which I am losing in a major way following that trip to Wisconsin.)

But, no, she clarified, how wonderful it would be to have those beers to enjoy after a full day of cleaning.

Thanks to my sister for putting it all in perspective. A good day of cleaning deserves a great beer. I should take her a couple of cases as a thank you gift!


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