Elysian Brings 7 Labels to PA

I sat down to write tonight because I thought I had news… I discovered that Elysian Brewing has seven registered brands in Pennsylvania, and started digging just enough to learn that they are bringing beers into PA as early as next month.

And then I started to read mid-July announcements about a collaboration between New Belgium (Fort Collins, CO) and Elysian (Seattle, WA) to reciprocate brewing (the larger New Belgium sending things to Washington to brew in small batches; the smaller Elysian sending things to Colorado to brew in large batches.) I got even more excited!

And then, digging deeper and looking for more possible links to the story, I learned that it has already been told!

For that reason, I will not repeat all of it. I even had the same QUESTION that she ended with…I’m really hoping this means New Belgium is coming soon…but I’m hoping I can answer one of hers below. She asked about the “portfolio”, an it looks like, at least for now, we can expect the following:

Four from the general line-up

  • Dragonstooth Stout
  • Perseus Porter
  • The Immortal IPA
  • The Wise ESB

And three Seasonals

  • Avatar Jasmine IPA
  • Bifröst Winter Ale
  • Night Owl Pumpkin Ale

I’ll be keeping an eye on the list to see if any are added. I assume if they are paying to register them, they are coming.

We first visited Elysian while in Seattle on a beer-cation back in the late ’90s. I went back again in 2002 while visiting town on business, and D and I returned in 2005. Obviously I’m a fan of the place, and I’m thrilled to hear we’ll soon have the opportunity to get it on the east coast.

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