Mo’s Place has a Website

I don’t know when it happened, but Mo’s Place in Beaver, Kansas now has their own website.  WordPress reports statistics back to me, and our report from Mo’s Place Grill and Brewpub is one of the most visited on this blog.

Located in an unincorporated town of about 30 people, Len and Linda Moeder live the dream of owning their own business.  They’ve operated the restaurant since 1999, and in 2004 they obtained a microbrewery license and became a brewpub.  In 2006, when we visited, they were brewing on a half-barrel system and had quite a following among the locals.

In addition to owning the restaurant/pub and a house nearby, they bought the defunct bank – the only building in town with a basement – to use for beer storage.  And it’s not just the tiny brewing system that makes this place unique.  Where else can you find “gizzards” on the appetizer menu?


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