Whiskey Older than Me

Let me state right upfront that I’m not suggesting I am old, nor that I am a whiskey drinker. It’s not something I have much experience with, other than tossing out all of the Wild Turkey my grandfather stashed around his trailer and a tour of Jim Beam (no tasting allowed!) with my grandmother. Maybe a few shots here and there over the years, and a bottle of Maker’s Mark unopened in my basement, but truly very little experience.

On the 5th of July, we celebrated my cousin Jim’s engagement with a long-standing tradition of passing a bottle of Crown Royal Special Reserve, and I was surprised at how very wonderful I thought it was. It was the first time I had a whiskey drink that I really found appealing.

Relaying this story to my friends, Brandi spoke up and told the story of how she acquired a 51-year old bottle of Crown Royal. It was stored in an appropriate place, and she recently gained ownership of it (I won’t tell the story, but suffice to say, don’t cross this girl – she’s got a feisty side!)

Now, if you do a search on Crown Royal from 1957, the advice seems to be “drink it!”

And at Ffej of July – an annual party with food, bands and beer (and featuring Herbie) – she broke it out! It was amazing how beautiful and smooth this was. And most amazing that it was older than all of us.

I’ll stick to beer and wine, but I won’t shy away if this opportunity ever presents itself again!


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