Homebrewing Librarians and a Book Recommendation

I haven’t met her yet, but after writing about “the Carolyns“, WordPress recommended a 2006 blog posting to me which highlights Kira Barnes, another beer drinking librarian, who also happens to be female. And she homebrews just like me (although I feel like I’ve slacked off in that department lately.) That was fun to learn. She joins the ranks of beer drinking librarians with me, the other Carolyn, Lew and Mark. Any other serious BDL’s out there? (Dane – how is the MLS coming along?)

Now, I call this a book recommendation, but I haven’t actually read it. I did ask the Simpson Public Library to purchase it, since they seem to have the best beer literature selection in the capital area. And they said yes!

The book is being published in early fall, and it is called Red, White and Brew: An American Beer Odyssey by Brian Yaeger. It looks like it is basically conversations and observation on 14 breweries and pubs across the country, starting with Yuengling. (PS – thanks, Elise, for thinking of me when you saw it, and yes, I wish I would have thought to write it first…)

This will add to their collection, which includes 300 Beers to Try Before You Die and The Essential Reference of Domestic Brewers and Their Bottled Brands (known in the industry as DBBB.)


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  1. Hi,
    Another BDL signing in! My name is Roy Strohl and I am the Univ. Librarian at U of Mary Washington here in Fredericksburg, VA. In addition to the enjoyment of drinking beer I have been a homebrewer for over twenty years. I also enjoy beer travels with my wife, Cathy – a now retired public library director. Beer travels have taken us through the Czech Republic, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, a good bit of eastern Canada and brewpubs from Maine to New Mexico. We still have a Northwest Coast trip to log in a beer adventure in Washington and Oregon.

    Oh, I do have a pretty extensive library of brewing and beer related books. The folks in my homebrewing group enjoy teasing me about my bound sets of my homebrewing periodicals. Librarian to the core!

    Best to all.

  2. (author of the linked blog post here)

    Just as a pedantic point, the link points to the old blog. Here’s a link to the same story on what we’re currently publishing.


    Kira also runs her own beer blog: http://calicos-alehouse.blogspot.com/

    We can chalk up another misconception of librarians. They’re a fun-loving, sociable bunch, and they know a lot about things like making beer!

  3. Hey, Roy! Thanks for chiming in! I love hearing about other “BDLs” out in the world. It sounds like you and your wife have some great traveling experiences.

    One week into my first professional position as a librarian, I was sent to Seattle with 7 of my local colleagues for a Gates workshop. After each day of class, I dragged them all over to the brewpubs and beer bars – that was 6 years ago, and they still talk about it.

    There are some great breweries along the coast, and if you have the time, don’t hesitate to move east for additional treats.

    A few of my favorites that are not coastal:
    Skye Book & Brew in Dayton, WA
    Winthrop Brewing Co. in Winthrop, WA
    Twisp River Pub in Twisp, WA
    Atomic Ale in Richland, WA
    And if you go there, make sure you get to the largest farmer’s market in Washington.

    Thanks for checking in! And I love that you also have a Simpson Library!!

  4. Hello, yet another BDL here. I’m a Law Librarian in Boston. My husband is the homebrewer and the sometime beer blogger in the family. We do enjoy a good brewcation now and then, usually in New England. I don’t know if I shoul file your blog feed under Librariana or Beer!!!


  5. Hey, Sarah! Thanks for making your presence and your profession known! That’s the problem with being a librarian – we’re always trying to classify things…

    I think if enough BDLs show up here, we should petition ALA for our own division!

  6. Ha. Love it. I have my very own Elise (not her actual name) who tipped me off to this blog. Thanks for having your local beer-lovin’ library order my book and thrilled to see the existence of BDLs. FYI, I’ll be doing some events in NYC and DC around mid-Oct. Hope to see you there. And I’ll be blogging the entire tour at beerodyssey.blogspot.com. Thanks for the love.

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