It’s a Small, Small World

Nope – this isn’t a post about Disney World. It’s a late posting about our trip to Montreal.

I am constantly energized by the number of women involved in beer culture.  In a realm dominated by men, thus primarily marketed to them, it is natural to assume there aren’t many women with a high level of appreciation for craft brewed beers. In my world, however, this isn’t true.

We regularly do private beer tastings with a few other couples, and unless we ladies have to do the driving, you won’t see Kim, Brandi, Sara, Kate or I miss out on any of the offerings.  When we visit Asheville, I’m always glad to see Julie, Michelle and Melissa keeping right up with the men (as an owner of Bruisin’ Ales – one of the most lovely bottle shops ever – Julie is a beerlebrity!) At various festivals, we’ve run into strong beer-drinking women like Cornelia and Joan, and on our trip to Montreal, we spent lots of time tasting (and at times, pubcrawling) with Laura and Beth who are avid consumers of beer. Not to mention my mother, my sister and my friend Barbara – an emerging craft beer drinker. I really could go on naming proud female beer enthusiasts, but I won’t.

What I want to write about tonight is the fabulous meeting I had at Mondial de la Bière this year with a particular beer connoisseur. I was chatting with Cornelia (who I had only met that weekend), and suddenly she said, “Have you ever met the OTHER Carolyn, the beer-drinking librarian?” Of course I had not, so as soon as she located “the other Carolyn,” she made a point of getting us together. 


Carolyns / Librarians / Beer Travelers

Not only do we share a name and a love for the fermented beverage, but we also share a love for libraries. It was great fun to meet her and talk about our two passions. Doing a little searching on her and her son Ben, on staff at Defiant Brewing Co., I learned that she also considers herself a “beer traveler.” The world feels a little bit brighter knowing I’m not alone!

Interestingly, MSNBC reports that in ancient Peru, women did all of the brewing and consumed equally.


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