Six-Pack Sales in a PA Grocery

If you are reading this from a state that allows grocery store sales of beer, you might not understand the significance of this, but two weekends ago we took this photo of me (shortly before 11 AM on Sunday, so I couldn’t actually buy.)

Beer Sales in a PA Grocery

Beer Sales in a PA Grocery

Wegmans in Williamsport (PA), as well as Bethlehem, Dickson City, Lower Nazareth, State College and Wilkes-Barre, received approval for a restaurant license, which allow beer, wine and hard liquor to be sold for consumption inside an eating establishment, and the equivalent of 12 16-ounce containers of beer for takeout. Our local Wegmans, in Silver Spring Township, applied for a similar license ans the application is currently pending.

Although the arguement was made that Wegmans offers a restaurant that happens to be based in a grocery store, not a grocery store selling beer, I really see it as the latter, and find no shame in that.

Wegmans customers do have to pay for their beer inside the cafe, not at normal checkout lanes with other grocery items. The clerks need to pass LCP training and a mandatory course Wegmans offers on how to identify a false ID, spot signs of intoxication and prevent third-party sales to minors. And the company requires cashiers to “card” everyone, no matter what their apparent age. Even Uncle Rick!


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  1. Is that a sixer of Hops Infusion by your left hand? If so, that packaging/artwork has been replaced over two years ago. Nothing quite like a 2+ y/o IPA…Verrastro’s is killing the Weyerbacher reputation by passing that old stock out to unsuspecting customers.

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