11 Years Later – He finally got the Hat!

On our weekend away, I anticipated sufficient Internet access to catch up on the blog. I have so many things to talk about (beers we’ve had, beers we’ve made, people we’ve met, places we’ve been), but have so little time to write. I should have known in this wilderness location, a hotel with Internet access really means it has very spotty, very slow satellite internet. 

Oh well…more time to hike…

Anyway, I had to highlight this little bit.  First, Nana & Pop, if you are reading this, get in your car and drive to Selin’s Grove NOW.  They have Grizzly Coffee Stout on for a limited time, and it is roastier than ever. Yum! Yum!

Second (and my inspiration to wait 20 minutes for the editor to load),  D has wanted a hat from Selin’s Grove for eleven years.  For eleven years he’s been asking them to please make and sell a ballcap.  Or any cap, for that matter.  Today Lynn came out of the merch storage room and said, “Look what we’ve got!”  Hooray!  Finally the Selin’s Grove dog on a ballcap!  They cost $15, and they are made of a heavy denim material (tan on top, gray on the brim) with the running dog from their logo embroidered on the front, and the name of the brewery embroidered on the back. There is also a great new shirt in brown with their logo on the front and the names of all the beers they brew on the back.  It’s very nice, but not in women’s sizes.

So that’s the great news from D’s head.  Now back to our wilderness vacation!

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