Beer Karma

This trip has been a true example of what we like to call “beer karma” – not the definition used by Beer Advocate, rather the good things that have come to us through sharing our passion for beer.  It’s easy to beer travel and keep to yourselves, not bothering to chat with the locals, make recommendations or share your beer wealth, but it’s more fun to do those things and it usually pays off in good things coming back to us.

Just a few examples of beer karma on this trip:

  • by keeping a beer blog, I put myself out on the Internet where I reunited with Beth, met Jim, and we had the opportunity to stay with them and hang out with them – they are good people with a great outlook on life and it’s been fun visiting their area of the world;
  • by chatting with a random stranger at a bar in Madison just four months ago (which, I know, I really need to post my notes about!), we have a friend in Josh, who not only allowed us to show him our little world of beer, but this weekend he generously shared his;
  • talking about books, food and of course, beer, with a party guest, we got to know Tico who is charismatic and extremely insightful; he shared his knowledge of the city and brought us tea of orange pekoe with cardamom, which I have been craving (and the sugar cubes to go with it!)
  • Troy brought many gifts of enjoyment to our trip, but by far I am most thankful that he is not a girl; I’m not sure how this qualifies as beer karma, but I acquired a terrific new t-shirt that was purchased for him, only to be discovered later that it is a “women’s style” T;
  • perhaps it is our respect and admiration for Lew (who, if he reads this, might respond by saying I’m nutty for choosing him as one of my beer heros), which accounts for the meeting of Cornelia and Ray; had it not been for that meeting, we would have missed out on a lot of great stories, but more pertinent to beer karma and this trip, it is because of a trade with them that we have one of each glass from this event;
  • after sitting at Vices & Versa, we located that Peruvian place across the street – this may turn into a beer karma experience down the road, as after much conversation with the chef’s father, he said, “next time you come to Montreal, you call me – you will come to my HOUSE and my wife will make you a FEAST!”

These are just a few of the things at the top of my head this morning. I’m sure as I reflect on the trip, I’ll think of more. We have miles to go today, and plenty more beer ahead with a designated driver.  If you are traveling today too, do so safely!


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