Mondial de la Biere – Short Report

So much to taste, so little time to write! I assumed I would have time to make daily reports, but it’s been a whirlwind of activity in Montreal. We had a great trip north with no stops along the way, and arrived in Burlington Wednesday night. Beth and Jim were terrific hosts, showing us the Burlington beer scene (we visited Magic Hat, American Flat Bread – where there is a cask ale festival going on!!!), Vermont Pub and Brewery and Three Needs.) And our days in Montreal with Josh and company have been great – beautiful walks through the city down to the festival, and taste after taste of terrific beer from Canada and France. Later in the day and evening, we’ve been meeting up with friends from the States – just a few of the interesting people we’ve been hanging with are Cornelia Corey and Ray McCoy (Beer Drinkers of the year, 2001 and 2003 respectively), Lew Bryson and Jack Curtin . The rest of the list is just too long to write….

We spent an entire evening at Dieu du Ciel! and had lunch yesterday at Benelux. Hopefully I’ll have a full report later, but right now there is more beer to be had….


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