Zeno’s Cask Ale Festival

The notes in my Palm T|X said the following from our April 4-6 trip to State College, PA:

We’re sitting here having such a relaxing time at Zeno’s. 


All the stresses of work and home are just melting away, as we enjoy day two of the Cask Ale Weekend (I guess it was a long weekend, as it started yesterday!)  We arrived just in time for the AAA Blues Band to start playing, and very quickly, D and I were thinking the same thing…we miss KClingers!  Not enough to end the boycott…they screwed us so royally…but we both pined a bit for the old days when we used to drink good beer and listen to great music in the company of friends.


I swiftly reminded D that we are drinking MUCH BETTER beer, right now, and quite frankly, we have better beer IN OUR OWN BASEMENT then we can get at KClingers.  We can go home, pop in a CD from a band that Bill has banned or one that has broken up (Danny Morris?!?! Where are you now?!?) But we won’t. Because we are here and the experience is wonderful.

Those were notes from the first night, and on Saturday, we met up with a bunch of friends from all over the state (first at Otto’s for lunch, and then on to Zeno’s for the night.)  Here are the beers we had – Zeno’s was kind enough to offer a pitcher price, so our crowd of, like, 10 people, were able to order pitchers and share…

  • Big Black Voodoo Daddy
  • Otto’s Red Mo
  • Otto’s Nugget IPA
  • Otto’s Double Double D IPA
  • Otto’s Jolly Roger Imperial Stout
  • Ithaca Nut Brown
  • Ithaca 10th Anniversary Ale
  • Cricket Hill Best Bitter
  • Weyerbacher Double Simcoe
  • Sly Fox Seamus Red Ale
  • Troeg’s Hopback
  • Troeg’s Mt. Hood Red (which is really Troeg’s Pale Ale dry hopped with Mt. Hood Hops)
  • Bell’s Java Stout
  • Bell’s Two Hearted IPA
  • East End Fat Gary Nut Brown
  • Weyerbacher Double Simcoe
  • East End Gratitude
  • Lancaster Rare Cock Bock
  • Legacy Hedonism American Strong Ale

Besides our usual cast of characters, it was fun to hang out with Matt Allyn and his wife (from Voodoo Brewery), Scott from East End Brewing, and the Ithaca Brewing rep (sorry – I don’t have your card right here and I’ve forgotten the name…)

 New Friends at Voodoo   Fat Gary\'s Nut Brown Ale   (thanks to Tim for being the photographer!)


Is this a good time to mention that on Friday I stopping in at Troeg’s for a taste of Scratch 11, dry hopped with Cascade hops, from a firkin? Mmmmm, mmmmm…tasty!


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