Moose Jaw Brewing – Wisconsin Dells, WI

Wisconsin. It’s cold here.

Yeah, it’s cold in Minnesota, but at least there is stuff. I guess in Wisconsin there is stuff, too, at least up by the lakeshore. But the part we have been seeing is just cold. It snows, and then it snows more. It’s not even beautiful, because there is no geographic relief.

But there are birds – we’ve seen multiple Bald Eagles, plenty of Sandhill Cranes on the ground and in the air, and a Rough-Legged Hawk. And did I mention snow?  We’ve seen lots of that.

What brings us to Wisconsin is that we “fell for” one of those resort preview deals, where we pre-paid a small amount for a stay in exchange for previewing their property. Tomorrow we do the tour, but I’m already a grump because the Best Western is actually where they put us up for the three nights, and it isn’t a very nice BW. In fact, it’s the kind of place I would vacate after one night if I had a choice.

Making the best of the situation, we located the nearest brewpub, which is Moose Jaw Pizza and Brewing Company. It’s a great big showy lodge-style building with a restaurant and bar area downstairs and the brewing area in the upper loft. It looks very touristy, so our expectations were lowered. It actually turned out to be not that bad!

D ordered the Imperial Winter Warmer (8.5% ABV) which was brewed with peated malt, and aged in oak barrels. It was served in a snifter, and was quite impressive!  They have a female brewer (which I found very interesting), and she claims this may be the best beer she’s ever made.

I was too chicken to commit to a single beer, so I had the Six Point – a sample tray of six 5-oz glasses which I got to choose. I eliminated the lager, the gold, the pilsner and the winter warmer. So what I had was:

  • Honey Ale (4% ABV) and made with Wisconsin Honey – this was surprisingly drinkable; light and sweet
  • Dell’s Chief Amber Ale (5% ABV) – could not finish even five ounces…
  • Raspberry Crème Ale (4% ABV) – brewed with real raspberries – not extract; this was refreshing and tasty, and had a fabulous aroma of fresh fruit!
  • Kilbourne Hop Ale (5.5% ABV) – brewed with locally grown hops for Brownie Zinke’s Hop Farm; my favorite of the Six Point; nice hoppy flavor!
  • Stand Rock Bock (6.8% ABV)
  • Milk Stout (5.8% ABV) – a little thin, but otherwise really well done stout

We ordered a little snack – D had the Wisconsin cheese and beer soup, which included nice chunks of vegetable and little chunks of bratwurst; I had a side house salad (boring, but an excellent choice as my breakfast really stuck with me!)


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