Easter Breakfast in Hell’s Kitchen

I finally got to eat at Hell’s Kitchen, and, WOW, was it worth the wait!

Actually, we got there early and there was no wait today. I called when they opened at 8 AM and was told all of the reserved tables were filled for the day, however, half of the restaurant is for walk-ins, and we headed straight down finding a nearly empty restaurant. We were greeted by wait staff in pajamas (because that is what they do for weekend brunch!), and were seated under a row of prints by Ralph Stedman.

Hell’s Kitchen does their own French roast coffee, and it was absolutely perfect. Three days into the trip, and I needed a coffee that was more than sub-par. I got one that was excellent for the low price of $1.95 and she kept it flowing. On the coffee alone, I was in heaven. But at Hell’s Kitchen, everything is perfect…

Let me back up and say that from the website and the outside decor, I expected a Goth-style interior that would be, perhaps, dark and maybe a little dirty. Instead, the cream colored walls with red and black accents, artwork in straight lines across the wall, fireplace, chandeliers and metal-topped tables were clean and welcoming. It was very comfortable, and without a crowd, I didn’t feel cramped or rushed. It was Salvation Sunday, so gospel music sounded throughout the house.

The menu is creative and extremely interesting, but I needed to order the special – a pan-fried whole trout stuffed with scrambled eggs with leeks, served with hash browns, fruit and multi-grain toast. D had the corned beef hash, which they make specially by pulling the corned beef and combining it with chunks of potato, onion and celery and then topped with two eggs. It also came with the fruit and bread, and a caddy of their house-made blackberry jam, orange marmalade and chunky peanut butter came on the side. We really wanted to try their special Bloody Mary, made with beer rather than vodka, but they can’t serve alcohol before 10 AM.

The food was prepared and presented so beautifully! It was so much more food than I needed, but I managed to finish it all. I don’t care what all of the tourist magazines say (it was recently rated #3, and Keys Cafe was rated #1) – this is the best breakfast in town. The food is innovative, the staff is extremely helpful and courteous, the decor is warm and welcoming – I couldn’t have asked for a better place to enjoy my Easter breakfast. The only thing they could have done to improve it was bring a chocolate bunny with the bill.

On the way out the door, I grabbed a to-go menu. Apparently I can call and pick up my breakfast next week on the way to the conference center, should I feel inclined. I bet I will!

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