Herkimer Pub & Brewery – Minneapolis, MN

Since we were already on Lyndale, we decided to stop in at The Herkimer Pub & Brewery. It isn’t highlighted on BA, and several of the people we talked to about beer talked about it as an afterthought. We’re not big lager fans, but we decided to try it anyway.

Considering the style, it was not that bad! We started with their two GABF gold winners – Sky Pilot Keller Bier and Alt Bier – which were both pretty good. D really enjoys the Keller Bier, simply because it is so unique, and I enjoyed the Alt because it did carry a nice hoppiness with it. By the time we ordered the next beer, it was happy hour, which is 2 for 1, so even though we didn’t intend to, when D ordered a High Point Dunkle, we were served up two pints.

Herkimer had free Wi-Fi, so that gave us a reason to linger and enjoy the additional pint. The Dunkle was lightly smoked and a beautiful dark color, tricking my palate into believing it was a light porter. With that in my brain, I really enjoyed every sip of it!

Herkimer really is a worthy stop if you find yourself on that edge of town (unlike Surly, which is a worthy stop even if you aren’t anywhere near that community outside of town!)


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