Selection ’08: Vote for the Barbarian April Release!

This was sent to me from Kira Gay Hiller, Operations Manager (and self-proclaimed Battle Axe) at the Bavarian Barbarian Brewing Company – it’s an announcement we’ve been waiting for!

The Race for the Brewhouse has begun! The Bavarian Barbarian Brewing Company, brewer of “The People’s Beer,” is inviting the People to choose their next beer style. Beginning today, the Barbarian is launching Selection ’08 in which the people of Williamsport will elect either Weldspatter IPA, or Square Feet Wheat Ale. [Editor’s note: BBBC assured me that those of us not living in Williamsport are also welcome to vote!]

Early polls indicate that the Weldspatter IPA, an India Pale Ale, may be heading for a landslide victory due to the IPA’s vocal and fervent supporters. However, political experts are forecasting a strong showing from Square Feet Wheat Ale’s more subdued supporters.

“There may be a silent majority at work in this area,” says pundit Tipsy McStagger, “especially in the surrounding boroughs and among female voters.”

Polling will continue through the month of March and supporters for both beer styles are eagerly anticipating their beer’s victory to be announced on April 1. Visit the Selection ’08 polling center to vote and track the progress.

The Barbarian encourages everyone to follow each candidate’s campaign closely. Remember your civic duty and vote your conscience. In this election, every vote counts.

The Bavarian Barbarian Brewing Company is Williamsport’s first production brewery since the 1950s and intends to expand its production and distribution beyond Pennsylvania’s borders in the ensuing years. For more information on Bavarian Barbarian Brewing Company, please visit their website or call 570-322-5050.

At the Selection ’08 Polling Station & News Center, you can read about the candidates, view the results, and sign up to attend the April 11 Inaguration Party.

So, come on, America!  Get out there and vote! And if you haven’t made the trip, go visit the brewery to taste their initial offerings. The folks at Bavarian Barbarian are incredibly personable and serve up a decent ale. Take your growler, or use their growlers for a small deposit, because you’ll want to share the love.


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