Cask Ales at General Sutter

On Friday, I enjoyed my fourth and fifth firkins for the 2008 Nugget Nectar season, thanks to Paul at the General Sutter Inn.  The last event there was such a success that nearly 40 people were still in line when the Nectar kicked, so not only did he do it again, but he got two firkins!

The ballroom was a wonderful location for the event. There was room for everyone and it didn’t take long to go through the first of the two firkins of Nugget Nectar.  As always, this was of the gods…  This ultra-hoppy amber is piney and cirtusy; it finishes bitter, but the bitterness does not linger. On cask, this is a perfect pint.

The Ridgeway Oxfordshire Blue, also on cask, was nothing to scoff at either.  It had light flavors of toasted malt and an earthy hop dryness in the finish (I can say with conviction that I did not taste hamster bedding, as described by a bottle drinker in Suffolk!)

I’m glad the minor snowstorm held off long enough for us to enjoy cask ale night at General Sutter!


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