Advocacy Efforts

As reported this morning on my local news station, PA House Bill 606 is getting closer to the vote. I don’t have time to keep up with all of the politics (and when I do a little ‘net search, Lew Bryson remains the most on top of this situation!), but I do have time to write to my legislators at the House and Senate.  I’ll write again. 

They never write back, so I’m guessing neither of them support it, but I could be all wrong.  Maybe they are just busy like the rest of us.  I do hear from them on how they are lowering my property taxes (which doesn’t ever show up on my tax bill), create better schools for my children (what children?), improving the environment (by allowing windmills to destroy our wildest and highest habitats?) and are making a difference in the area of transportation (really? why is light rail proposed where there is already an Amtrak line, but not heading west from Harrisburg where the commuter population is growing?)  Ooops…sorry…this is about the craft brewing industry.

Whether you support the “six-pack bill” or not, just a short note expressing your opinion, like this one, is appropriate. If you don’t know how to find your legislators, visit my previous posts on SB 674 and HB 606 on this matter.

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