Firkin Friday at Market Cross

Nugget Nectar on Firkin Friday at Market Cross

In fitting with my plan to attend at least four Tröeg’s Nugget Nectarfirkin tappings this year, I gathered a bunch of coworkers on Friday night and we headed down to the Market Cross Pub to enjoy the third of my targeted four.

Friends gather at Market Cross Pub for Firkin Friday

In contrast to the crowded tables and line wrapped around the room at General Sutter, Market Cross had plenty of tables available, and later in the evening several empty seats at the bar. That was nice, because Market Cross is usually so packed that it’s almost uncomfortable.

The Nugget Nectar was served in 20-oz glasses, and we all started with one – several of us had two by the end of the night. Additional beers enjoyed at our table were Ace Perry Cider (bottle) and Young’s Double Chocolate Stout (draft.)

Young’s Double Chocolate Stout

We enjoyed some great food, too: excellent soups (garlic French onion and tomato basil bisque), fish and chips, beef pastie, Beef ‘n Guinness, salads…  Everyone was quite satisfied with the food and the beers. 

Many thanks to Barbara, Eric, Dick, Mary Sue, Karen and Dave for coming out!


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    • Ashliegh, thanks for the update! I think all of the firkin tappings in Central PA were planned for days I’ll be away. Last year I made it to 6; this year I’m batting zero. But I’ll tell my friends, and hope they will go!

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