More Bars in More Places

Now that we’ve run out of new comedy or drama episodes on television, I’m finding that when the TV is on, I’m sometimes more interested in watching the new commercials.

Yesterday was the first time I noticed a new commercial from AT&T demonstrating the “more bars in more places” theme by traveling the United States (from Boston to Dallas) selling what appears to be beer from a start-up microbrewery. While the sales guy questions whether or not the brewer can keep up, there is a vow to celebrate the expected success (and in the background, the song I Just Want To Celebrate by Rare Earth is playing.)

I actually had to view the commercial three times to catch the product being sold. The first time, I was certain it was a commercial for beer, and I assumed it was one of the A-B “craft” beers, so I kind of ignored it. The second time I thought maybe it was for Samuel Adams, and at the end realized the commercial had more to do with the phone than the beer. Finally on the third viewing, I fully caught on to the true message. After seeing it five or six times, I’m pretty certain it is not based on a true story or true brewery.

Regardless, it is nice to see a start-up brewing operation as the star of a non-beer commercial.


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