North San Diego County Breweries

Our morning started with the excitement of a visit by Guillermo – the resident roadrunner who comes by the house to feed on crickets and cockroaches caught around the house, as well as mealworms to suppliment his diet. 

After a great (people) breakfast of enchilada tortillas and grapefruit fresh from the yard, we took a morning walk through the Coachella Valley Preserve, located on the San Andreas Fault near Palm Springs. We toured the Paul Wilhelm Grove and the McCallum Grove, adding birds to our trip list and enjoying the beauties of the desert. In addition to the birds, we were blown away by the number of fish, dragonflies and a crayfish hiding away in the cool oasis.

After our walk, D and I headed for the coast.  We’re on a two day tour of the breweries, pubs and beer bars of southern California.  Two days won’t cover it all, and will leave me too tired for details right now, but here is where we were:

We enjoyed some great beers, some really good food and met lots of fun new people.  Unfortunately, I’m so tired out from the day, I’m putting off lists and comments to a later date.


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