Countdown to Christmas – Week 4

The last 4 days on the Advent Calendar of Beer

Dec. 22Winter Warmer – (Santan Brewing Company) this was sent to us in a growler from Chandler, AZ.  The same person who sent the Papago delivered this to us, and the packing job was SO VERY superior!  When I began to unpack it, it was so riduculously well wrapped, cushioned and prepared for travel – I was so amazed.

Dec. 23Winter Ale  (Smuttynose Brewing Company)

Dec. 24Olde Frosty IPA from draft in a growler (Selin’s Grove Brewing Company)

Dec. 25 Harveys Christmas Ale (Harvey & Son Ltd.) – A pleasant way to celebrate Christmas.  A little like horehound candy in a glass!

Overall, this was a fun little experiment.  I don’t think we actually cleared out the basement, but we had a nice selection of beers to enjoy throughout the season.

Now…off to San Diego to start of the new year!

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