Giving Thanks

Many blessings fill our lives, and we use this time of year to recognize those gifts and give thanks for what we’ve been given. 

I’m sure many of you reading this have some of the same things to be thankful for that I do, so you probably aren’t interested in hearing about mundane (yet very meaningful) things I am thankful for.  So here are two very new things that have come into my life, for which I am very thankful!

My Mayflower Martini  1) My Mayflower Martini

After we got the dressing and sides made, the turkey in the oven and the table set up (it was so lovely, we ate outside!), I decided to get my shower.  Finishing up, there was a knock on the door…”Mayflower Martini?!?!”  My sister found this fabulous recipe, and treated us all to a most wonderful holiday beverage. 

I am not a fan of gin, but the juniper is balanced by the sweet white cranberry and/or the vermouth.  The flavor is earthy and gentle – the beverage is smooth and easy to drink.  I liked it so much I’m going to post the recipe here in case the link ever dies…

2 teaspoons sweet vermouth
Ice cubes
1 part gin
2 parts white cranberry juice
Whole cranberries on toothpicks, to garnish

Pour 1 teaspoon of sweet vermouth into each martini glass; swirl glass to coat and pour out excess. Set aside.

Fill a martini shaker with ice cubes.

Pour 1 part gin and 2 parts white cranberry juice. Shake vigorously. Pour into martini glasses.

Serve chilled with a garnish of whole cranberries.

Thanks to my sister for this wonderful discovery.  Perhaps it’s a new holiday tradition? 

My big surprise of the night was D showing up!  He was working, and not supposed to be at our Thanksgiving, but he traveled for almost two hours (round trip) before going in to work the night shift, and it wasn’t just for the stuffing…  The first in a series of growler trades arrived on Wednesday night, and he was so thoughtful to bring it to share with me.

Hollister Hip Hop DIPA  2) Hollister Hip Hop DIPA   Enjoying DIPA

This was an easy-drinking beer for 8.9% ABV.  It came out of a beautiful rounded glass growler and poured an orange-golden color (side-by-side with Hop Wallop, they were the same hue!)  It had a bright flowery nose and a piney citrus flavor.  This was a lovely IPA, and I was sad to see the last drops pour.

Thanks, again, to D for making such an effort to share it.  True – I wouldn’t have known what I was missing, but now I have even more to be thankful for!


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