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The Flying Mouflan Experience (a.k.a. Tröegs 10th Anniversary Scratch Beer Fest) was billed as “a joyous day of brewery mayhem featuring live music and for the first time ever, the opportunity to enjoy all the Scratch Beers in one place at one time,” and it did not disappoint!

Troeg’s Poster

I moved to the area almost 10 years ago and have been waiting for something like this – a festival at the Tröegs brewery – and it was orchestrated so well.  Tickets sold for $10 in advance ($20 at the door), and I believe they limited it to 800.   Parking was free, easy to locate and plentiful.  The weather was cooperative (rain would have made this a completely different experience!)

The crowd size really was perfect for the limited space, and although the beer lines were a bit long, there were plenty of friends to chat with, and we quickly caught on that more than one beer per person could be had when you reached the front!

Tröegs employees and volunteers were pouring the full line-up of 2007 offerings:

  • year-round beers
    • Tröegs Pale Ale (5.4% ABV; 45 IBUs)
    • HopBack Amber(5.6% ABV; 55 IBUs)
    • Rugged Trail Ale(4.4% ABV; 28 IBUs)
    • Troegenator Double Bock (8.2% ABV; 25 IBUs)
    • DreamWeaver Wheat (4.8% ABV; 15 IBUs)
  • all four seasonal brands
    • Nugget Nectar (7.5% ABV; over 90 IBUs) 
    • Sunshine Pils (5.3% ABV; 45 IBUs) 
    • Dead Reckoning Porter (5.8% ABV; 53 IBUs)
    • The Mad Elf (11% ABV; 15 IBUs)
  • Naked Elf(limited brewing; ABV varies (6.8% – 8.5%); IBUs unknown)
  • and all five 2007 Scratch Beers
    • Scratch Beer #1– a hybrid California Common Beer (5% ABV; 35 IBUs)
    • Scratch Beer #2– a hoppy porter (5.9% ABV; 55 IBUs)
    • Scratch Beer #3– a Belgian style triple (9.5% or 10.1% (depending what you read); 28 IBUs)
    • Scratch Beer #4– inspired by barleywine, but really more like a double IPA; dubbed The Flying Mouflan (9.3% ABV; over 100 IBUs)
    • Scratch Beer #5 – released on the day of the festival; Imperial Oatmeal Stout

I’m a big fan of Naked Elf, and the Scratch Beer #5 was well worth the hype!  I especially enjoyed getting to do side-by-side comparisons of Nugget Nectar and Scratch Beer #4 (this is, I believe, the best beer they ever made!)  And it was really nice to revisit Scratch #3.  I forgot how much I enjoyed that one.

There was plenty of great food for purchase, but disappointingly, I saw nothing vegetarian-friendly.  I especially enjoyed the Mad Elf ice cream featuring vanilla ice cream with Belgian chocolate chips, dark cherries and Mad Elf sauce, and brought to us by Handel’s.

Crowd Shot

The bands were all really good; I was too busy chatting with friends and making new ones instead of paying attention to who was playing at which times, but it was great music for the day.  The pre-event posted line-up was:

  • God Bless Our Mobile Home (12:30-1:15 p.m.)
  • Suburban Transit (1:45-2:30 p.m.)
  • Julian Fist (3:00-3:45 p.m.)
  • Frog Holler (4:30-6:00 p.m.)
  • Mecca Bodega (6:30- 8:00 p.m.)

There were plenty of BA people there (we did a group photo which I hope someone posts!), and I was surprised to run into several friends from my hometown area.  I was most excited because my friend B-Susan came along (another librarian who loves beer!)  Instead of leaving at 2PM with D, we ended up staying until 6 PM (when it finally got too chilly to hang outside.)

Hopefully they raised a significant amount for the Harrisburg River Rescue.  I know I didn’t spend much more than my initial ticket purchase, cases of Scratch #5 to take home and a t-shirt.  Between the samples inside the brewery tasting room and using the tickets for 4-oz samples outside (a few extras from friends), I was thrilled with the amount and variety I got to enjoy.

Chris and John Trogner pulled off a great one, and I hope it isn’t ten more years until we can do it again!


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  1. I was there too! Scratches # 3, 4, & 5 were definitely awesome!! I really liked the Belgian Triple. The Mad Elf ice cream was probably the best non-chocolate/peanut butter ice cream I’ve ever had! I hope to see it sold by Ben & Jerry’s in the near future!!

  2. Cool! Thanks for sending that along. For others reading, here is the website and information.

    Sisyphus Barleywine Ale (seasonal)
    Measuring between 10 and 11% ABV, depending on the year, this barleywine was
    Real Ale’s
    first seasonal product. It is uncharacteristically smooth for this style of beer, as it is created with five different kinds of hops. It also displays a rich malt character, and the healthy portion of hops gives it a distinctive dry and balanced finish. Sisyphus Barleywine Style Ale, weighing in around 480 calories per 12 ounce serving, is not for the faint of heart. Makes a great nightcap!
    ABV: 10 – 11%, IBU: 77, OG(plato): 24

  3. B-Ware – wouldn’t it be great if they could sell Mad Elf reduction sauce? Then you could put it on your own chocolate ice cream (maybe skip the peanut butter.) Of course, it seems like a waste of the wonderful Mad Elf…but I suppose the Brothers Trogner can get plenty more.

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