Brü Rm. @ BAR – New Haven, CT

When D said we would be in CT by lunchtime and I should peruse the travel books for a lunch stop, I thought he was kidding.  Yes, there are brilliant restaurants in Greenwich, Stamford and Norwalk. But we can’t ever pass by New Haven without stopping at Brü Rm. @ BAR!

BAR is the club. Areas within this brick, concrete, steel, stone and slate decor location include the Front Room, the Back Room and the Brü Rm.  It is on Crown St., facing two restaurants – Istanbul Café (a gracious little Turkish restaurant) and Louis’ Lunch (claims to be where the Hamburger was invented around 1900.).  We used to come here with Tim. before he moved back to KS, and as expected, the staff are not overly friendly or knowledgeable about the beer.

Brü Rm. @ BAR has a food menu that consists of one salad (made with pear, pecans and bleu cheese) and hand-made extra thin crust brick-oven pizza.  Choose your type (red, red w/ mozzarella, or white), choose a size, then pick out the toppings. We had a red with mozzarella, fresh tomatoes and anchovies.  It was perfect!


1/2-pints $2.75

Pints $4.50

Pitchers $15.

5-oz sampler of 5 beers for $7.00


Watermelon Ale
5% ABV
Created with 4 malts, fresh and seeded watermelon (25 per batch!), German hops, this was not a light lawnmower beer.  It was a mild, lightly hopped ale with a subtle Jolly Rancher finish. Well balanced and great with pizza.

Hitting 70 IPA
~7% ABV, 70 IBUs, 7 hop additions

According to Yankee Brew News, this was brewed in honor of Terry Foster’s 70th birthday (Terry frequently assists head brewer Jeff Browning.) It had a lovely floral aroma and a hop flavor that lingered.

Damn Good Stout
Molasses-black, a perfect after-dinner beverage.  Strong espresso flavor (would overpower any pizza!)  Creamy 3/4-inch head (they attribute this to a special neutral carbonation process, but don’t explain)


Toasted Blonde (107 calories for 12 oz)

Updated version of the Blonde 30 lbs. of pizza-oven-roasted malt

Pale Ale


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