Woo-HOO! for Voodoo

Nearly a year ago, while visiting Dark Horse Brewing Company in Michigan, I got the closest thing to first hand information that I could get that Voodoo Brewing Company would be coming soon to Meadville, PA.

I’ve been to Venango County multiple times in the last year, and each time disappointed that Voodoo hasn’t opened (especially with the closing of Four Suns and a downhill slide we’ve noticed in North Country‘s quality and service.)  Matt Allyn has a history of great beermaking, and his influence on the area, as well as PA brewing in general, is anticipated.

Thanks to Lew Bryson, who is always up on these things, and also Matt, who updated his website, we know that Voodoo has been licenced and will begin distributing this month.  I’m looking forward to seeing Voodoo products soon, even if it means a road trip to the other side of the state!


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