Vacation from Blogging

I’ve been getting lots of criticism from D for not posting in such a long time.  I think Asheville just overwhelmed me!  I have so much more to say about more of the fabulous places we visited, but I fell behind on posting, and just couldn’t get back up. 

And since we’ve come home, there have been some great beers in our lives.  Our homebrews are smashing!  Local places like the Brewhouse, McGrath’s and the now-defunct Jackie Blues tickle our tastebuds with great brews like Gordon and Old Chub on tap (we helped JB finish off the last of their beer supply.)  Special thanks to Capone’s for hosting great events like the Great Lakes & More Draft Night and Russian River tastings (really special thanks to D for getting me a growler of Pliny the Younger!!!)  And KUDOS to Founders, now distributing in PA!

In the future I promise to honor the notes I took on all of the great Asheville places, but for now, I’ll just commit to information as it comes along.


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