Flock’s Brewery, Williamsport PA (1850-1951)

An announcement came out today that the Access PA Digital Repository, which contains over 20 digitized collections from libraries throughout Pennsylvania, recently acquired some new collections.  As a responsible librarian, I decided to check it out. 

I’m a graduate of Lycoming College, so I naturally migrated to that collection, and was pleased that a quick search on Flock Brewery brought back several hits.  Specifically, the local authority for these records is “Science Building (1951-1996, Flock Brewery 1850-1951).” 

It occured to me that this might help explain my long-standing interest in microbreweries…  My first college level biology class was held in a brewery, and my father has a degree in Chemistry from the Flock Brewery Lycoming College.

Anyway, there are some photos specifically with this authority, and others in the collection that include the brewery (you can see the domed roof of the part that was demolished long before I got there!)


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  1. Hey,

    interesting…I say we do some more research on the current breweries in Willliamsport…want to make sure quality control isn’t slipping.

  2. Hey,
    While going thru things from my grandparents house i found a old brown beer bottle. It has a almost mason jar like lid, looks to be hand made. It says onthe bottom “flock brewing co. williamsport PA). Just wondering if this is worth andything or just a keepsake.


    • Hi Jesse…. I just stumbled upon this message from you in 2007 asking about the beer bottle… I am a direct descendant of the brewery and trying to collect beer items to preserve for the future. The Founder was my great great grandfather. Hence my same last name…
      If you still have the bottle would you consider selling it?


      • I found a light green 7oz. Beer bottle with Flocks in cursive on side and bottom. Since this part of your family heritage,I thought you might want it. E-mail me. I found it while kayaking on Bald eagle creek.

  3. I have a set of beautiful mugs with “Compliments of Flock Brewing Co. 1911” written in gold on bottom of mugs. The mugs are airbrushed brown and each one has a different fruit still-life. Anyone know anything about these?

    • Hi Sue,

      Yes, I can share some information on the mugs. As a descendant of the family, a few items were passed on from my grandmother who a Flock and grew up in Williamsport.

      Two were mugs similar to your description, although they both display a portrait of a grizzled fisherman. A sister gave me a mug that fits your description with a fruit still life on it she purchased on eBay.

      Another item that was handed down was a painting by an artist named Severn Rosen. He was a boarder with the Flocks or at the brewery and had a fondness for alcohol. As family legend has it, he exchanged some of his art for board and beer. This has been confirmed in a book on Rosen. The vast majority of his work was still life paintings of either fruit or flowers. The mug I had looks very much like the paintings that my father and aunt received when their parents passed away.

    • Found an old beer bottle while digging in a yard, the bottom is stamped Flock’s Brewry, Williamsport Pa. I would appreciate any info on the brewry or the bottle.

      • put all that Flock brewery stuff on ebay it is worth a fortune to the collecters of beer items. Don’t let them snow job they will take it off your hands for you and give you nothing or mothing it is worth. you can check what a lot of this stuff sold for on Ebay

  4. Anyone out there… I am a direct descendant of the Flock Brewery ca 1850’s – 1950’s …
    The Founder was my Great Great Grandfather. I am trying to collect the beer items to preserve for future generations. If any one has any items they would be interested in selling- I will buy for market value… My name is Nan Flock- still same name- descended down… As you can see the items are coming back to the family.
    THANK YOU for all considerations- nansrealbiz@msn.com

  5. Nan this is Ruth H. Hopler Brasses adopted daughter. I have one of the Old Salty beer pitcher and mugs {6}. Was trying to see if u could give me an idea what it may be worth. I k now that Sam Flock told me he had the one set he had was apraised for $1500 this was about earily 1990,s i think. The set i have was given to Ruth’s parents when they owned the Old Corner Hotel on Court St. in Williamsport, they bought most of their beer from Flocks. If u can help me out please send me an email at mlbower46@hotmail.com. will be waiting to hear from you.

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